With 6 years of professional experience I’m a dab hand at crafting beautiful and usable digital experiences. Having built up an enviable stash of expertise in creative strategy, technical execution and user-centred design, I look forward to further exploring mobile interfaces, physical computing and more human digital interactions.

I've had the pleasure of producing work for; Samsung, Nestle, The AA, eBay, Microsoft, BT, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Sony, MTV, Skype and Shell to name but a few.


Brandon Generator

Brandon Generator is an episodical online narrative, commissioned by Microsoft and made with HTML5 to promote the release of Internet Explorer 9. Written by Hollywood director Edgar Wright, illustrated by Marvel Comics artist Tommy Lee Edwards and engaging the audience for crowd-sourced sketches, plot ideas and audio samples that appear in and direct the episodes. I was involved in the release of the trailer and first episode, designing the menu system and interactive elements to feel in-keeping with Tommy's art style. I also provided animations for the interface and worked with an Art Director to formulate concepts and storyboards for supporting display media. It has landed awards at the Lovies, Digital Impact awards and also shortlisted for the BIMAs.

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Role: Design & Animation
  • Company: LBi

The Colour Clock

The Colour Clock is an ongoing personal project that was born from the curiosity of translating time onto the hexadecimal colour scale. Hours are mapped to the red channels, minutes to green and seconds to blue, with a measure that cycles from black to white over 24 hours. Executed as a minimally designed web-app and screensaver, I also had help from The Receptacle to provide an Android Live Wallpaper. The combination of good design with the universally understood and appreciated attributes of time and colour have led to a completely unexpected popularity, especially among design nerds. The Android App has been downloaded over 20,000 times and the desktop screensaver over 70,000 times, while the website receives an average of 150,000 visits a month.

  • Client: Self-Initiated
  • Role: Concept, Design & Code
  • Company: N/A